How to Create Your Own Professional Development Plan, Part I

Question: "During my last performance review, my manager asked me to create a professional development plan, but I’m not sure what goes into one and I don’t think she has time to help me. She did say I should focus on things to help me get promoted in the future, like...

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How Exactly Do You Prioritize? Learn the Mindset You Need

Most of us have had the feeling of looking at an out-of-control to-do list and thinking, "No human on earth could possibly get all this done."  Try it and you'll be on the fast-track to burnout. Prioritizing your work is a key strategy for avoiding burnout.  Step back...

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How Big is Your Plate? Navigating the Work “Buffet”

When someone asks how you’re doing, how do you generally reply? If you’re like me, you probably respond, “Oh, I’m so busy.” I often think “busy” is the new “fine!” For some being crazy busy is a badge of honor; for others it’s a continual source of stress. The pace of...

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Graceful Renegotiation

The very complex process of evaluating your priorities, capabilities, and commitments can take different forms. However you choose to approach the process, consider the following steps on your way to a renegotiated situation that leaves all parties whole and able to...

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How to Give Leadership Opportunities to Your Talented Staff

“People who are drawn to working for socially conscious companies seek compensation that goes beyond a paycheck,” says Integrated Work CEO Jessica Hartung in the Conscious Company Media article, “3 Ways to Build Leaders in Your Conscious Company.” “If they’re not...

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