Resilience Training for Public Sector Leaders

Integrated Work offers several programs which incorporate the principles and tools of Adversity Quotient® (AQ®) to help organizations create an atmosphere of resilience, and build the capacity of individuals to produce more, faster in times of uncertainty and change.

Remarkable Resilience: Learn to Thrive on Adversity, 100-Day Program

Through Integrated Work’s intensive 100-Day AQ® Program, organizations will increase individual and collective ability to productively respond to change and tough issues with a typical improvement in AQ® scores of 11-23%, rising from average to becoming on par with elite performers and entrepreneurs. This training will provide your organization with the world’s top tools for dealing with setbacks, challenges, and unforeseen events. This training includes:

  • Pre-Session Survey—Two weeks prior to the AQ® session, attendees complete a two to four minute online survey regarding their biggest challenges and the resulting effect on themselves and others. This data is compiled and used before and during the session to customize the approach.
  • Remarkable Resilience: Learn to Thrive on Adversity—This seven-hour training session equips leaders with the principles and tools required to understand, assess, and strengthen their AQ® and overall effectiveness. During the session, each participant completes an AQ Profile®, studies the science behind the measurement, and learns tools they can use immediately to improve their response to everyday challenges.
  • AQ® SkillSites™ Reinforcement Challenge—To reinforce and sustain the AQ® tools and principles, participants engage in a 90-day online program, with 10 interactive sessions requiring 5-15 minutes per session. Group progress is monitored closely by Integrated Work staff. Follow-up teleconferences and leader coaching sessions are scheduled as needed to ensure maximum gains by your organization. At the conclusion of the SkillSites™ program, participants complete an online reassessment of their AQ Profile® to gauge the extent of improvement for individuals and for the group. Typical improvement is 11-23%.

Creating Resilient Teams

Even in adverse times, teams can learn principles and tools that allow them to respond to change, stress, and setbacks with exceptional performance. This training begins with an online assessment using the most widely-adopted measure in the world for gauging and strengthening how people respond to and deal with adversity: the AQ Profile®. During this team building session, participants will engage in the Real Deal™ exercise and use other methods to:

  • clarify what matters most to them
  • strengthen their engagement and energy
  • improve their relationships
  • better align values and motivators among team members
  • stay focused on common goals

The course also includes discussion of the results of the online assessment, and instruction with practical tools that teams can use immediately to tackle the next challenge and optimize the next opportunity.

Bounce Back from Burnout

Increasing workloads, new pressures, and limited resources can create stress and burnout for even the most effective individuals. This interactive session draws upon the leading science on Adversity Quotient® and resilience research, providing tools to help meet high-pressure demands and avoid and bounce back from burnout. Benefits of this training session include:

  • Learning to deal with the difficulties and demands of your role in more uplifting and productive ways
  • Increasing your job satisfaction and fulfillment at work
  • Improving communication skills under challenging circumstances
  • The capacity to be strengthened and improved rather than drained by adversity