Strategic Retreat Facilitation for Government Offices, Bureaus and Agencies

When it is time to adjust your direction in response to a changing environment, a Strategic Retreat can create alignment and focus for leadership teams.  Expert facilitators will guide the process creating time for reflection, prioritizing, setting clear goals, objectives, and action plans for the coming years.  Our process is designed to draw on leaders’ unique perspectives and relevant expertise and reconcile the divergent ideas to create an effective plan that can be supported by the whole group.

Our established approach rests on a thorough assessment and data collection process, inclusive of overall Agency priorities. We gather insight on the current structure, emerging issues, and situational context of your organization. This process creates an atmosphere of open dialogue, drives the development of productive agendas, and increases the engagement of participants in strategic planning sessions.

During Strategic Planning Retreats, we guide the group through clarification of the office or department’s mission and vision, discussion of the strategic issues, and identification of strategic goals and objectives. Key decisions from sessions are captured in a Strategic Plan document to be refined and approved by organization leaders. During follow-up conversations, our facilitators discuss ways to implement the decisions made and communicate strategic goals with staff members and other stakeholders.