You want your conference to be memorable, with attendees feeling empowered to make lasting change, rather than the typical, surface-level keynote.

We deliver custom presentations for all types of events, from a small group of non-profit leaders to large-scale conferences. Integrated Work speakers, Jessica G. Hartung and Sue Brundege, get to the root of the challenges faced by leaders at every level by giving straightforward and compelling talks to motivate audiences to utilize their daily work experiences as personal development, lead strategically and build a more engaged organization.

With 20 years of experience working with associations, foundations, government agencies, non-profits, and startups, we know how to bring forward authentic connection and inspirational examples that help “unstick” the issues limiting individual and organizational effectiveness.

Build Connection, Engagement, and Retention with Millennials

– Support millennial aspirations in ways that foster an effective and inclusive company culture.

– Learn ways to leverage what is important to millennials to build connection, engagement, and retention throughout the organization.

– Identify shifts in leadership, management, and workplace practices that enhance the work experience for all.

Change as a Catalyst for Design

– Shift to responding to change with a strategic response, rather than your initial instinctual reaction.

– Learn to leverage your strategic response to accomplish multiple aims with one move.

– Avoid the myths of change management by learning a more useful framework for responding to change.

Developing Your Staff's Leadership Capability

– Learn to take advantage of the workplace as an environment for consciously developing staff, rather than just having them gain experience.

– Build a competitive advantage for attracting the kind of talent you want.

– Gain practical strategies to take theories around leadership development and apply them to your own staff.

Career Realignment: Bring Who You Are to What You Do

– Use your discretionary time to better align your work with who you are.

– Take charge of career evolution to segue into increasingly aligned roles.

– Chart your own path of career realignment.

Renew & Recharge: Avoiding Mission-Driven Burnout

– Understand why burnout matters and how to recognize early warning signs.

– Learn strategies for avoiding and addressing burnout in yourself and others.

– Develop an individualized burnout prevention plan.

Integrated Work does a great job launching participants from the conference into action.

Renew & Recharge Session Attendee

Looking to add an engaging and meaningful session to your line-up?

We devote ourselves to being great, because we care deeply about the outcomes, the quality and the impact of our work.