Integrated Facilitation

Moving a group forward is best served by a blend of facilitation, coaching, and targeted skill building to rapidly progress common goals and increase positive impact.

Facilitating highly productive meetings, strategic retreats, and leadership dialogue involves artful blending of facilitation methods, with group coaching, training and consulting enhancing progress and increasing impact. Effectively using multiple modes of interaction in combination – especially when complex, time sensitive or mission-critical issues are at stake – is the mark of a sophisticated coach, facilitator and consultant.

Integrated facilitation methods serve clients by ensuring their conversations are strategically designed to meet their specific objectives, moving the group forward in alignment.

Benefits of our Unique Approach

›  Sessions are relevant to your specific needs and level of participants, because they are designed in partnership with you.

›  Challenges are resolved in ways that strengthen the team and improve problem-solving in the future.

›  The collective brain power of your team is leveraged to explore strategic options and develop innovative solutions to the most critical issues.

›  Your team moves forward with clarity of focus, alignment around the path forward and shared expectations on next steps.

›  Looking through our lens of different disciplines, we can offer new and unique aspects of the situation not visible from other viewpoints.

›  Experiential learning exercises and on-the-spot coaching are used to enhance the skills most needed by your team.


Interested in chatting about how our unique, customized approach to facilitation can support your team?

I love the way Integrated Work facilitators adapt to our needs as a group and move the conversation where it needs to go to create the most value. If the issues are challenging, it’s really helpful to have IWS in the room.

Facilitation Participant

We are willing to try something new, to invent and invest in delivering uncommonly good services and products that meet clients’ needs, even those they struggle to articulate.