Leadership Development

You want a stronger leadership team, but it’s hard for them to take time out of their busy schedules to get the training they need. You dream of what would be possible if every employee thought of themselves as a leader in their role, but you just can’t see how to get there.

We’ve been there ourselves, and understand your challenge. That’s why we developed the 4D Applied Leadership Development® framework, a six-month program delivered in the ideal environment for learning leadership skills – your own workplace! Through a robust series of engaging video conferences, online materials and field assignments, your team will:

›  Identify leadership strengths and areas for improvement, customized to your environment.

›  Learn practical, on-the-job leadership tools and strategies you can test and apply every day.

›  Gain valuable approaches for developing staff through work activities already taking place.

›  Cultivate emerging leaders in a systematic and measurable way.

›  Develop ways to create a culture of continuous learning across the organization.

›  Strengthen teams by integrating continuous learning into the fabric of their work.

Leadership Coaching

It can be lonely at the top. Whether you are a brand new leader or have decades of experience, it’s hard to make space and time to focus on your own professional development. That’s where leadership coaching comes in.

We offer a safe, supportive and confidential space for you to explore your own potential as a leader, and think through various issues from clarifying your vision to optimizing performance to finding better ways to take care of yourself when there’s no time to do so. Working with a leadership coach, you can:

›   Identify and improve leadership skills and approaches.

›   Make progress on big-picture, strategic initiatives you never seem to have time for.

›   Address sensitive issues and challenges you can’t share with your team.

›   Develop new strategies for optimizing team or organizational performance.

›   Focus on creating better work-life balance so you can be at your best.

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My coaching experience is probably the most profound self-development and leadership development experience I have ever had. As a surgeon, I have many roles and responsibilities, including surgeon, leader, healer, boss, educator, administrator, section chief, etc. Sue was able to guide and challenge my growth to improve my ability to lead, manage conflict, and grow our section. Remarkably, she has also been able to help me improve my own job satisfaction. I am very grateful for her expertise and understanding of human behavior.

Coaching Participant

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