Our Philosophy

Integrated Work is a woman-owned and managed professional development firm committed to strengthening government and non-profit organizations’ capacity to move forward on their most important goals. For the past 12 years, our experienced consultants, facilitators and efficient administrators have provided remarkable professional development experiences that build stronger leaders for greater impact.

Overarching principles that drive our thinking, as well as our facilitation and coaching approach are:

  • Start with strengths. Any change in effort – organizational or individual – begins with what is working and builds from there. Leverage strengths first, then address weaker areas so they no longer prevent the realization of your strengths.
  • We are humans first, workers second. We promote work environments that honor our humanity as well as our productivity.
  • Real productivity. Significant progress on our goals is possible. When we are clear about what we want to achieve and devote time and thought to our aims, tremendous obstacles can be overcome.
  • Work can be fulfilling. As we grow more skillful in our work roles, we are better able to impact our organizations and the issues we care about. When we have greater impact, we find our work more rewarding and enjoyable.
  • Diversity enriches. Diversity of thinking, communication styles, perspectives, and backgrounds are essential organizational assets. While including perspectives different from our own is challenging, genuine openness to new views will solve problems in remarkable ways.
  • Work is changing. A convergence of factors is changing the nature of work. Technological, sociological, economical, and other widespread alterations in our society are changing the way we manage people, build business relationships, communicate with our staff, and accomplish our work. These changes can be intuitive and comfortable or very difficult.

However you find the pace of change in your workplace, IWS was created to help managers and leaders successfully navigate change and simultaneously build their capacity to accomplish their personal and professional objectives.