Experienced, Effective Facilitation

Experienced, effective facilitation can make the difference between a highly-successful retreat and a waste of everyone’s time.  We have been designing and facilitating retreats of all types for more than 12 years. As an unbiased third party,  we help Boards, Senior Staff, Executive Teams, and Divisions achieve positive and productive results from their off-site time.

Our collaborative, six-step process will create an experience that results in the outcomes you are looking for. Through our pre-work, on-site delivery and follow-up, we support leaders in having the conversations that really need to happen in order for a group to move forward on their highest priority issues.

Integrated Work’s Six Steps to Outstanding Retreat Facilitation:

  1. Gather data to determine Focus Areas, Objectives and Strategic Issues
  2. Prepare Draft Agenda to meet Objectives, including Meaningful Exercises
  3. Collaboratively review And adjust Plans With Leadership Team
  4. Communicate clearly what is expected of participants
  5. Deliver an interactive, deep experience focused on the Priority Issues
  6. Provide documentation and follow-up to support Implementation

Call us to discuss your next challenging meeting.  Together we will explore how to accomplish your objectives effectively.