Peer Learning

Knowledge just isn’t flowing – whether blocked by organizational silos or a lack of connection between grantees funded by your foundation.

We usually look up – to a supervisor, manager, or member of senior leadership – to learn instead of across, to someone in a similar role with a different background or experience. When workers on the same initiative are in different locations, across multiple organizations, or just different departments within the same company, there can be inconsistency in progress towards larger strategic initiatives. Too often, some organizations or staff exceed expectations and innovate, while others reinvent the wheel because they lack access to useful knowledge or practices. Peer learning helps solve this challenge by bringing together individuals focused on goals to discuss issues, opportunities, strategies and solutions – learning from one another and experts. Peer learning teams can vary in size from five to 100, depending on the needs of your organization.

Benefits for Program Leaders

›  Increase the value and quality of collaboration by creating a formal network of employees or grantees.

›  Learn directly from participants about organizational- or program-related challenges and issues.

›  Ensure greater alignment between employees or grantees and the overall mission, regardless of location or organization.

›  See early warning signs of emerging concerns and issues so they can be addressed proactively.

›  Reduce the impact of turnover and accelerate the on-boarding process for those new to the effort.

Benefits for Participants

›  Address challenges more efficiently  and effectively by leveraging the collective brain power of the group.

›  Optimize their own growth through mentoring from more experienced peers and subject matter experts.

›  Celebrate and share their successes with others.

›  Gain a professional network to leverage throughout their careers.


We’d love to hear about what you’re working to achieve and discuss how peer learning might accelerate the process.

Hearing what other colleges are doing has helped us expand our vision for our own program and has given us valuable input in addressing potential challenges.

Peer Learning Participant

Community College Administrator

My involvement with the learning team has allowed me to take my skills and experience to a higher level. The topics and training provided are timely and relevant to my ongoing work. Integrated Work staff continually seek input for ideas and promptly respond to requests for insight and assistance. The peer learning discussions on challenges and issues generate and inspire creative ideas. The work relationships I’ve developed through this team have been invaluable, as I continue to reach out to these friends and colleagues for advice and support.

Peer Learning Participant

Health Care Executive

We genuinely collaborate -
not just letting people share ideas, not just working alongside one another and our clients, but a willingness to co-create the future based on new opinions and ideas that come from the blend of expertise and insight from all perspectives.